Friday, January 28, 2011

Evening Talk: February 15

Overcoming Organizational Stupidity: Understanding the Requirements of Organizational Intelligence

BCS SPIN Specialist Group
BCS London Office, February 15th 2011
Free of charge to all but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served bases. To book online go to


Organizational intelligence is a critical measure of the management capacity of an organization in a demanding competitive environment. Organizational intelligence can be blocked in various ways, including fragmented sociotechnical systems and dysfunctional management. Along with removing these blocks, the intelligence of an organization may be helped by appropriate technologies used in appropriate ways to tackle the inherent complexity of modern business in a dynamic environment. Relevant technologies include business intelligence, event processing, knowledge management, process improvement and social networking.

In his talk, Richard will present his framework for improving the intelligence of your organization and understanding the requirements for sociotechnical change.


Richard Veryard is well-known as an independent industry analyst. He spent many years working with the CBDI Forum as an expert on SOA and enterprise architecture, and was previously a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Texas Instruments, where he pioneered methods for component-based business, technology change management and business excellence. He runs workshops for Unicom on Organizational Intelligence.