Our services

We provide education workshops, brief assessments and consultancy for organizations that wish to improve their level of intelligence. We also provide support for vendors whose products and services contribute to the intelligence of their customers' organizations.

A good place to start is with a self-assessment workshop. We have a checklist that can help you review the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, and identify both immediate and longer-term improvements.

Alternatively, you may want to attend one of our public education workshops. In the UK, these are run in association with Unicom. Please visit the Unicom website to view full workshop description and to book your place http://unicom.co.uk/orgintelligence. We can also offer these workshops in-house.

Please contact us if you want to assess or improve the intelligence of your organization, or if you want to understand and communicate the contribution of your products and services to the intelligence of your customers' organizations.