Friday, March 4, 2011

Workshop recommendations

Here are some of the comments from previous workshops

"I found this course to contain a high density of interesting, useful and new ideas from a teacher who has some depth. I would recommend it to people interested in improving their organization." Tom Gilb 
teacher author consultant
[wikipedia blog @imtomgilb]
"Do you care if your organization is intelligent? If you do and are in UK, attend one of @richardveryard seminars on organizational intelligence." Carmen A. Medina 
former CIA Director for the Center for the Study of Intelligence [blog @milouness]
"The workshop was very useful and fits in closely with the work we are developing here particularly in relation to segmentation and customer intelligence." Paul Johnson 
Mersey Travel
"The workshop in December was extremely valuable and as a result of the experience I was able to place some of the organisational development issues we're facing at Durham Constabulary into a different context." Paul Unsworth 
Durham Constabulary

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